"this must be what crazy feels like"
Ella, '89 liner


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I’m going on hiatus

I’m really sorry for not updating this blog regularly for the past couple of months but there’s a lot going on for me right now and unfortunately I have to go on hiatus for some time. I’m going to the hospital tomorrow and I won’t be able to update until I’m back but please, know that I’m not abandoning this blog and I’m going to be active again as soon as I’m back.

I hope that you’ll be patient with me and thank you for sticking with my blog!

See you all in some time :)

only the truly heartless, most cruelest of people could take the ramen away from that face

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"Because I debuted at 19 years old, for a long time, I felt that one year, two years, were going by too fast. Sometimes, there are times where I forget my age. When I think about it, at 21, I felt like I stopped at that age. So when someone asks me ‘How old are you this year?’ Its to the point where I have to think about it and then answer, so there are time when I don’t remember… Also because i’m the type person who picks at myself, I just end up making myself tired… that is my personality."

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Look at all her proud faces *3*

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